[Article] 141104 L and Sungyeol to Show Bromance in the Film ‘Grow: Infinite’s Real Youth Life’



Still photos of Sungyeol and L showing bromance in their film <Grow: Infinite’s Real Youth Life> has been released.

Sungyeol impressed L and his fans by surprisingly showing up at L’s solo stage during world tour concert.

In the pictures, L seems to be very surprised by Sungyeol’s appearance. But, they look really good together when they hug each other. Sources said they kept playing around during the stage as well.

Sungyeol made this surprise in order to support L who is so busy and tired doing a lot of schedules such as drama, world tour and photo shoot.


Sungyeol showed up disguised as a bear on L’s solo stage.

Especially, Sungyeol and L, as good friends at the same age, are always playful, but they still take good care of each other as well.

Film <Grow: Infinite’s Real Youth Life> focuses more on personal growth of each member revealing their conflict between members and worries as not only a member of boy band but human beings.

It opens on November 4.

Source: GetitK
Posted by Dasoo for INFINITE ∞ INSPIRIT Global

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