[Tutorial][UPDATED] How to help INFINITE win on Music Shows

Inspirits!!!! Let’s help INFINITE with all our might because as you know, they’ve been working so hard. Don’t just say that you love them but show it! Let’s get at least 7 wins and a triple crown!! Promise? Follow and spread this guide together!!

MBC Show Champion

– Broadcasting Time&Date: Every Wednesdays at 6:00PM KST
– Ranking Method:

  • 50% Digital charts (Melon, Bugs, Soribada etc)
  • 20% Physical Charts(Hottracks, Synnara, Hanteo etc)
  • 15% Netizen popularity points
  • 15% Professional music judges criteria

– Voting Period: Tuesday – Sunday
– How to vote: Tutorial

Mnet M!Countdown

– Broadcasting Time&Date: Every Thursday at 6:00PM-7:30PM KST
– Ranking Method:

  • 50% Digital Single Sales (Streaming+Downloading)
  • 10% Album sales
  • 10% Social Media Score (YouTube Official MV + SNS data)
  • 10% Rating (Global fan vote + age preference)
  • 10% Broadcast score: How often the song appears on radio or how often the mv is played on TV stations in Korea
  • 10% Live Broadcasting voting

– Voting Period: Friday – Monday
– How to vote: Tutorial

KBS Music Bank 

– Broadcast Time: Every Friday at 6:30PM KST
– Ranking Method:

  • 65% Digital sales (Melon, Soribada, Bugs etc)
  • 20% Broadcast points (How often KBS TV or radio plays their MVs or songs)
  • 10% Voting (International fans cannot vote, ISSN (Korean identity number) is needed)
  • 5% Physical sales (Hanteo, Synnara, Hottracks etc.)

Show! Music Core

– Broadcast Time&Date: Every Saturday at 4:00PM KST
– Ranking Method:

  • 70% Digital+Physical sales (Hanteo, Synnara, Hottracks) + (Melon, Soribada, Bugs etc)
  • 10% Music video views (From Woollim Channel only-Must be Official Channel)
  • 10% Pre-voting (Through gathering of committee of 2000 people on official site)
  • 시청자위원회 모집(This is the logo from the main site)
  • 10% Live voting (Only for top 3 nominees) to #0505

SBS Inkigayo

– Broadcasting Time&Date: Every Sunday at 3:40PM KST
– Ranking Method:

  • 60% Digital sales
  • 35% SNS scores (Youtube, Twitter, Gaon)
  • 5% Pre-voting (via a mobile app called ‘엠앤TV톡’)

– How to vote: Tutorial

I. SNS Points

1. Youtube:
Watch+Like+Comment on INFINITE ‘Back’ Official MV here


– Use private window to stream so that the cookies are not used and your views are counted (See how here by infiniteupdates.wordpress.com)
– Watch the ENTIRE MV
– Make sure the volume is more than half
– After you’re done, DO NOT click re-play or re-load the page but RE-SEARCH the MV (use a new tap) and watch it again as many times as possible
– Likes and comments are also counted!

2. Twitter:
– Tweet as many as possible and use hast tag #인피니트 (ONLY) in your tweets
– Re-tweet tweets with #인피니트 hast tags (10RT = 1 point)

3. Facebook:

– Like+Comment+Share INFINITE posts on INFINITE Official Facebook

4. Naver+Daum

– Search 인피니트 while they are performing live

II. Digital Point

– Korean Music Streaming sites that are counted:

Melon (Detailed Tutorial by infinite7soul.com), Olleh, Bugs, Cyworld, Daum, Genie, Naver, Soribada.

– Korean Music Streaming sites GUIDE by infiniteupdates.wordpress.com

III. Physical Sales:

There are 2 major charts to take note of: Gaon and Hanteo

Hanteo Charts: Daily, Weekly, Monthly charts
Gaon : Weekly, Monthly, Year-end digital sales

*Both count towards Music Charts and End of Year award shows*

Sites where you can buy the ‘Season 2′ album to ensure that they count into music charts:

Credit: InfiniteUpdates.wordpress.com (For Physical Sales and Music Shows Details)
Posted by Dasoo for INFINITE ∞ INSPIRIT Global
Let’s do it TOGETHER!
Feel free to tell me if there are any mistakes or some details are missing.
Take out with FULL credit

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