[NEWS] 140513 Infinite to Launch Grand-Scale Showcase in Korea, Japan and Taiwan

Infinite will be launching a three day showcase in Korea, Japan and Taiwan, announcing the release of its second full length album Season 2.

On May 13, Infinite announced through its official website that it will be holding grand-scale showcases in Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

The showcase held in Japan on May 19, Taiwan on 20 and Korea on 21, signifies Infinite’s official promotional activities to expand overseas, after its world tour One Great Step took place last year.

Infinite to Launch Grand-Scale Showcase in Korea, Japan and Taiwan

The showcase’s title ‘1.2.3’ signifies ‘only 1 time opportunity,’ ‘2nd full length album Season 2’ and ‘showcase held in 3 countries over 3 days.’ Read more >>

[NEWS] 140512 INFINITE, transformed to a romanticist… forewarning their new song ‘Last Romeo’

Group INFINITE has forewarned their new song ‘Last Romeo’ by releasing a photo of them transformed to a romanticist.
INFINITE has released their ‘Last Romeo’s photo at 12th midnight. They solved people’s curiosity that had gathered mysterious interest through on and offline.

The picture that was released on INFINITE’s official website (www.ifnt7.com) is attracting people by members wearing white suits with vintage background. They are showing new image as their album’s title song ‘Last Romeo’. Read more >>

[NEWS] 140505 INFINITE and VIXX also ready to make comeback in May?

According to TV Report, INFINITE and VIXX are preparing for their May comebacks to join the other artists, EXO and Baek Ji Young

EXO has confirmed their comeback for May 7 while Baek Ji Young will be releasing two songs this month.  Now, it is revealed that INFINITE, another group that was originally set to return in April, will be joining the line-up for May.  The agency is once again meeting up to discuss the definite schedule.  Apparently, they are unable to delay their schedule any longer because next month will be the start of the World Cup in Brazil, so the boys will have to begin their promotions in May.

VIXX will also be making their return this month as they are doing last minute tune ups to their own schedule.  They confirmed the concept for their new album and also declared they’d completed about 90% of preparations.

Look forward to further updates from the groups as their agencies start releasing official statements.

Source: Allkpop
Posted by Dasoo for INFINITE ∞ INSPIRIT Global