[NEWS] 140521 INFINITE make an interesting promise for first place + speak about promoting with veteran singers

During the comeback showcase in Seoul on May 21, INFINITE made an interesting promise to their fans that they would keep if they won first place.

They said, “If we win first place, Sungyeol will dress up as Romeo and Dongwoo as Juliet, then go on stage.”
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[NEWS] 140520 Infinite Kicks Off Three-Country Showcase “Infinite 1.2.3 Showcase” in Japan

Infinite Kicks Off Three-Country Showcase “Infinite 1.2.3 Showcase” in Japan

Infinite’s three-country showcase has officially begun! The showcases leading up to the group’s highly anticipated comeback started off in Japan on May 19, and will move to Taiwan on May 20, and finally to Korea on May 21.

The group opened up the “Infinite 1.2.3 Showcase” on May 19 at the Diver City Tokyo Plaza in Japan to celebrate the upcoming release of their second official album “Season 2.” Last summer, Infinite held a showcase for their much-loved song “Destiny.” This year, the showcase for “Memories” from the new album got the fans up and cheering, as they also performed the Japanese version of their brand new title song “Last Romeo,” for the first time. Read more >>