[Tutorial] How to vote on Mnet M! Countdown


– Broadcasting Time&Date: Every Thursday at 6:00PM-7:30PM KST
– Voting Period: Friday – Monday
– Ranking Method:

  • 50% Digital Single Sales (Streaming+Downloading)
  • 10% Album sales
  • 10% Social Media Score (YouTube Official MV + SNS data)
  • 10% Rating (Global fan vote + age preference)
  • 10% Broadcast score
  • 10% Live Broadcasting voting

How to Vote:
– Go to Voting Page
– Select INFINITE ‘Back’ back
– Scroll down and click ‘VOTING’ button.
– This will lead you to the sign in page if you are not signed in. Sign in with your Facebook or Twitter or Mnet account.
– This will bring you back to the voting page. Check #25 for INFINITE and click “VOTING” button again.
– You voted. Lock out and lock in again with your other accounts to vote again.
*You can vote 1 time a day for one ID and 10 IDs a day for 1 IP address. So use all of your Facebook, Twitter and Mnet accounts. You may want to sign up for more Mnet accounts with your other emails. Click ‘Sign Up’ button in the sign in page and follow the instruction. It’s easy since it’s in English not Korean 😀

TIP: You can vote for more than 10 times a day by changing you IP address. Here is how:

– Turn off your modem or device and wait for at least 5 minutes before turn in back on again. During that 5 minutes the IP address will change automatically.

– If it doesn’t work, try turn if off at about 8 hours and see if it’s been changed.

You can check the IP address that your using, just go to http://whatismyipaddress.com/

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