Sung Kyu (성규)


Birth Name: Kim SungGyu (김성규)
Birth Date: 28th, April, 1989
Blood Type: A
Height: 178 cm
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist

Dong Woo (동우)


Birth Name: Jang DongWoo (장동우)
Birth Date: 22nd, November, 1990
Blood Type: A
Height: 175 cm
Position: Main Rapper

Woo Hyun (우현)


Birth Name: Nam WooHyun (남우현)
Birth Date: 8th, February, 1991
Blood Type: B
Height: 176 cm
Position: Main Vocalist

Hoya (호야)


Birth Name: Lee HoWon (이호원)
Birth Date: 28th, March, 1991
Blood Type: AB
Height: 178 cm
Position: Lead Rapper, Main Dancer

Sung Yeol (성열)


Birth Name: Lee SungYeol (이성열)
Birth Date: 27th, August, 1991
Blood Type: B
Height: 183 cm
Position: Vocalist

L (엘)


Birth Name: Kim MyungSoo (김명수)
Birth Date: 13th, March, 1992
Blood Type: O
Height: 180 cm
Position: Visual, Vocalist

Sung Jong (성종)


Birth Name: Lee SungJong (이성종)
Birth Date: 3th, September, 1993
Blood Type: A
Height: 179 cm
Position: Vocalist

4 thoughts on “Profile

    • He is not. And yeah, his singing is pretty good! When Woohyun (the main vocalist) is absent, L and Sunggyu (the lead vocalist) take Woohyun’s part 😀

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