[STARCAST] 140822 Vacation with INFINITE for 7 days, ‘That Summer 2’

‘That Summer 2’ concert with INFINITE members is over. ‘That Summer 2’, which is a brand concert held biennially, was a vacation with 7 INFINITE members. Concert like a summer vacation with INSPIRIT fans for 7 days!! We released the ‘After Story’ of 7 days~
Members have gathered to do the last check of ‘That Summer 2’ concert. Shall we see member’s image of doing rehearsal? They are checking the movements and sounds with staffs before the group rehearsal begins~ Members are used at concert since they have held it for more than 50 times, but they get earnest at discussions on stage.



[STARCAST] When INFINITE loves… Behind story which calls for infinite replay

Have you all checked how much men can be sweet through INFINITE’s acoustic live? You would know what I’m saying if you have seen STARCAST ON AIR which was proceeded before ‘In The Summer 2’ little theater concert on August 6th~ We release the behind story of INFINITE’s 7 members who showed smart images through the 1-hour live broadcast with mischief talks and sweet live performance!

INFINITE performing rehearsals earnestly