[Article] 140501 Soyu and Song Eun Yi pick Sunggyu as the INFINITE member who is not good looking at first glance

MBC‘s pilot program ‘Stargazing‘ aired its very first episode on May 1, featuring guests INFINITE, SISTAR’s Soyu, and Song Eun Yi.

During the show, one female fan of INFINITE raised curiosity with, “I like one member especially more.  When I first liked him, I didn’t know he was this good looking.  After falling for his charms, I found him handsome later on.”

The other people on the show started to offer guesses as to whom the fan was talking about.  Soyu said, “I think I know who it is.  Maybe Sunggyu?” making everybody burst into laughter.  Song Eun Yi added, “Our thoughts are alike.  Sunggyu gets more charming the more you look at him,” and shook hands with Soyu.

Meanwhile, Sunggyu’s aura was getting darker and darker to everybody’s amusement, especially his other INFINITE members.  The other people on the show said, “Seeing as how she said she didn’t know the guy was good-looking at first, it’s you!”  

However, the fan revealed that the member wasn’t Sunggyu and it was actually Sungyeol!  She said, “Sungyeol seemed so pure.”

Whom would you have chosen out of INFINITE?

Source: Allkpop

Posted by Dasoo for INFINITE ∞ INSPIRIT Global

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